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Puma: Officially established in 1948, the brand has been around since 1928. The Dassler brothers, creators of Puma and Adidas, respectively, then entered the sports shoe business and brought this branch of men's fashion to its peak. The brand with the flax will equip exceptional sportsmen such as the mythical footballers Pelic, Maradona or the German Boris Becker. After a few years of retreat, Puma is back with a vengeance thanks to streetwear lines that are more adapted to the growing urban spirit. Supplying shoes for men and women, the brand dares to use bright colours and distinguishes itself with comfort and unquestionable quality. Puma has been designing its models in light oranges, bright greens or trendy reds, without neglecting its signature blacks and greys, to the delight of city dwellers!

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