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Women's Jeans Guide


Skinny    Slim   Tapered/Mom    Right    Évasé/Large

The cuts are classified according to the width of the bottom of the pants, from the narrowest to the widest. In each of these models, the height of the waist can vary from the low waist, at the level of the pelvis to the highest. The slim jeans also allows you to sculpt the figure thanks to the push up effect, an additional asset!




Very fitted cut, skinny leg, narrow bottom. Leggings effect but very stretchy, it accentuates the shapes but remains comfortable. Glamorous or rock look, it harmonizes with all styles.

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It is a form of jeans that is also close to the body, molding hips, buttocks, thighs and legs to the ankles, but the slim emphasizes the curves without tightening them.. It épouse and lengthens the figure. It is an indétrônable in the contemporary wardrobe.

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Tapered / Mom

Tapered is a tapered cut, loose on the hips and upper thighs and tightens a little as it descends to the ankles. The Mom enters this category with its high waist as well as the Boyfriend rather low waist. No matter the model, wear ankles covered!

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Timeless basic... Also named; Régular its cut is straight, that is to say it is of the same width from hips to ankles. Height of waist à choose according to morphologies: low for the "H", high for the "A" but also for its côté tendency!.

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Évasé / Large

How special is it? Always wide on the bottom. It can have a Bootcut cut with its leg adjusted, a Wide leg cut, high waist and extra wide leg see even Baggy, wide cut from top to bottom. To choose according to the style sought and the silhouette. The trend of the moment the Cropped, the wide or bootcut jeans in length 7/8ème.

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The PUSH-UP effect

The seams and materials are designed to create an optical effect: the buttocks and upper thighs are harmoniously raised. The silhouette is structured and shapely.

The silhouette is structured and shapely.

All denim cuts can be combined with this technique, on push-up jeans it is the wash, the color of the jeans and the finishes such as the pockets and seams that are worked on to give this lifting effect.

Most push-up jeans are made of stretch denim to be comfortable and to perfectly hug your curves.