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BRAND Eastpak

The Eastpak backpack was created in Boston, USA in 1952. Originally intended for the American GIs, it made its appearance in the courts of the 80s. In 1985, Eastpak was the first backpack manufacturer to introduce printed fabrics and bright colors into its collection. Marty McFly, in the saga Back to the Future, adopts this backpack, which probably contributed to its popularity. Starting in 1986, the company set out to conquer the European market. The famous Eastpak bag then became a favorite of high school and college students in the 1990s. Why choose an Eastpak bag? Today, the Eastpak bag is still a must-have for going to college, high school, and even university. Both neutral and customizable, it is perfectly adapted to the need of young people to fit in with a group. Before your teen pulls out his or her blanco patch to put his or her own personal touch on it, let them choose from the patches, pins and keychains to hang on the zipper. Made from tough, waterproof 100% nylon or 100% polyamide coated canvas, adjustable shoulder straps, a variety of handy pockets and a padded back for added comfort, the Eastpak is perfect for the urban lifestyle. Whether you're commuting to work, riding a bike, scooter or even a gyropod, this bag will allow you to safely store your belongings while keeping your hands free. Eastpak bags and other products are guaranteed for 30 years.